Raffle Rules

There will be a table in Sycamore that has the raffle items. In front of each item is a container where Mensans can deposit their tickets. On Sunday at the Wrap-Up, a ticket will be pulled from each container and the winner will take their prize. Tickets are awarded as follows:

Register for the RG - 1 ticket (awarded at the registration desk)

Participate in a tournament - 1 ticket

Win a tournament - 3 tickets

Participate in the Costume Contest - 1 ticket

Win the Costume Contest - 3 tickets to the winner of the of  Best Adult Costume and 3 tickets to the winner of the Best Kid's Costume

Complete all or most of any of the 12 paper puzzles - 1 ticket for each. Turn puzzles in to the Registration desk or to Wendy Birchmire.

Complete, sign, and return* a picture from an adult coloring book (NOT adult material, just designed for adults to enjoy) - 1 ticket 

Win the Coloring Contest  - 3 tickets each for the Best Adult Coloring and 3 tickets for the Best Kid's Coloring. Don't forget to put your name on the back of your sheet and note whether you are chronologically an adult or a kid!

*Drawings must be completed and turned in to the Registration Desk or to Liz Modesitt or Wendy Birchmire by the time the Awards Ceremony begins on Sunday morning.