Raffle Rules

Raffle Rules


There will be a table in Sycamore (The Hospitality room) that has raffle items. In front of each item is a container where you can deposit your tickets. On Sunday, the raffle prizes will be awarded at the Wrap-Up gathering. You received one ticket with your registration packet. You can earn more by:


Participating in the Costume Contest                         `                                1 ticket


Winning the adult or Child award for the best costume                                3 tickets


Completing one of the 12 paper puzzles                                                     1 point


Completing, signing, and returning a picture from the coloring books    1 point


Win the coloring contest for Best Adult or best Child Geometric              3 tickets


Win the coloring contest for Best Adult or Child Non-Geometric                  3 tickets


*Drawings must be completed and turned in to the Registration Desk or to Liz Modesitt or Wendy Birchmire by the time the Awards Ceremony begins on Sunday morning.