Boston Mensa has a new photo policy.  If you do not want to appear in photos, please pick up an

Orange wrist band

at Registration and wear it so that the official photographer(s) will try not to include you.

By attending the Wicked Good! Regional Gathering, you understand and agree that your photograph may be taken and used for the Beacon Monthly newsletter, the Boston Mensa Facebook page, and/or other promotional materials.  If you wear a wristband, efforts will be made to avoid taking your picture.  However, you agree and understand that amateur photographers will be present who may not see and/or understand the significance of your wristband.  You agree that Mensa is not responsible should your photograph be taken and/or reproduced without your knowledge or consent.

Children's pictures should not be taken, with or without bracelets, unless the photographer has the consent of the child's parent.

Photo Uploads

If you want your digital photos sized, cropped, contrast adjusted, and otherwise edited before they are posted to the various Mensa publications and web-sites, please email them to: