Oct. 31 - Nov. 2, 2014

Help us celebrate this year's theme "Contradictions" with a weekend of organized chaos!

Find out if you lack what it takes to win the Useless Talent Show. Is your stuff wrong enough for the "Wicked Good Strut"? And we won't even mention the Booby Prize that some intrepid seeker will claim in the Hunt for Tricks & Treats.
As always, Hospitality Goddess Lori will keep you fat and Bartender Ron will keep you happy. 

As always, there will be games, tournaments, crafts, great speakers, and even a few sort-of-healthy activities. We also have some offsite events and tours.

Overview of schedule:

Full program:

Adults: Full weekend $85. 
Kids: under 6 free, ages 6-20 $2 per year of age. 

Day rates: 
Adults: Friday $35, Saturday $60. 
Kids: 1/2 full weekend rate.

Dedham Hilton
25 Allied Drive, Dedham, MA 02026